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Being passionate about interior design, I believe that The Serif is a beautiful, unique and bold addition to a living space. Kyal & Kara, Australian Renovators Who Like to Think Outside the Box “The ability to view either your own or world-renowned media on The Frame means that there are infinite ways to create a look and feel unique to each individual.” Q: How do Samsung’s lifestyle TVs factor into your daily household routines and activities? A: With two young children and an active lifestyle , we really value our relaxation time together as a family, and Samsung’s lifestyle TVs play a big part in this. On the weekends, we love our movie time together as a family, and the kids love choosing artwork from the Art Store for The Frame we have in our rumpus room – it’s a great way for them to take ownership of the space. Q: Samsung’s The Frame combines technology with aesthetic for seamless TV experiences. What are your favorite features of the TV? A: The two standout features for us are the TV’s thin, streamlined design and the customizable bezel. We’re all about creating spaces that evoke emotion as you enter the room, and the ability to view either your own or world-renowned media on the TV means that there are infinite ways to create a look and feel unique to each individual. Q: What tips would you provide to users looking to match their Samsung lifestyle TV to their interior? A: We have three key tips. Tip 1: function first – work out how you’d like your TV to be displayed. The Serif is a great option for angular spaces where wall mounting or units are not an option. Tip 2: find your inspiration. From color palettes to other décor pieces, be sure to know what’s important in your space. Finally, tip 3: create a style unique to you. Ask yourself what vibe you’re looking for with your space.

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Lovers Lane property may become training center PLANS ANNOUNCED — Attorney Dan Spahn told Steubenville’s Planning and Zoning Commission Monday his client, Jefferson County Education Service Center, wants to turn the former Church of Christ Scientists at 600 Lovers Lane into an office building and training center.-- Linda Harris STEUBENVILLE — The Jefferson County Educational Service Center is hoping to turn the old First Church of Christ Scientists property on Lovers Lane into offices and a training center, Steubenville’s Planning and Zoning Commission was told Monday. JSESC is asking the city to change the property’s classification from low-density residential (R-1) to professional and business office district (B-4). Commission members accepted JCESC’s application, requested legislation be prepared and scheduled a public hearing on the application for Nov. 1. Considered a political subdivision with elected representatives, JSESC is headquartered across from McDonald’s on Sunset Bouelevard. It has two other buildings on Estelle Avenue and going up to Oxford Avenue, “but that’s pretty much a residential neighborhood and you can look here we feel like we’ve pressed into that neighborhood as much as we should,” JCESC’s attorney, Dan Spahn, told commission members “Their church is closing,” Spahn said. “The JCESC needs office space, it needs space for a growing program called Help Me Grow. We got together and came up with a price but we have a zoning issue that we need to seal the deal.” Help Me Grow, Ohio’s evidenced-based parent support program, is intended to produce and promote school readiness. It encourages early prenatal and well-baby care, as well as parenting education to promote the comprehensive health and development of children. The Help Me Grow System includes central intake, Help Me Grow home visiting and Help me Grow early intervention. He said the site would be read what he said used for offices and staff training purposes. A child could, occasionally, be on the grounds, “but they’ll never be there without their parents because they’re going to be preschool children. They’ll serve families of preschool children and plug them into (services meeting their needs) for early intervention.” Services with a handful of surrounding counties will be consolidated, and they expect to have as many as 19 workers on board when they open. Help Me Grow representatives said neighbors they interviewed seemed pleased the property will be occupied and maintained, noting their only concern seemed to be how it would impact traffic flow. But, because Help Me Grow is a home-based program, most of the traffic on site will be staff coming to and from the office to file reports. “We think it’s a perfect fit, and we’re hoping in the long run you’ll agree with us,” the spokesman said. Planning Commission member Bill Hendricks made it clear he liked what he heard. “I’m impressed with the 19 initial employees, we can use that,” Hendricks said. “If you have any more things like this, bring them in. We can all get (on board).” Spahn pointed out there are other B-4 properties in the neighborhood.